Sunday, June 29, 2008

Original Arts

First time I was in a fleamartket when I was a little kid, I can see a lot of people that I knew personally. Uncle Amat sold coconut shell ashtrays and Utensils, Aunty Jiwa had her bamboo crafts and even my dad used to bring fish traps made from rattan to sell out.
Those days, we can take everything as original art and craft. These art and crafts were made from the knowledge passed by their ancestors to them and I saw these peoples made them under the longhouses on their free times. They made those crafts solely for the purpose of usage. Nevertheless, my people believe, the more time spent on a functional craft, the more durable it will be. And the more yield it will provide. Thus, most of the time making the crafts were usually spent on making them strong and beautiful. Here's the tip - Original arts and craft are durable, made of original materials and very functional. You buy a blowpipe, it will last for generations and it shoots well as it is beautiful. People like these are proud of their arts. And it is my mission to support them. I will post products from here in piece by piece even by categories. Leave me a comment if you like something~

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